R+W Sensor technology – experience the future today

Acquire highly accurate performance data from directly within the drive line.

Smart and secure into the future. This is now possible with the intelligent coupling from R+W Antriebselemente – our innovative answer to the modern requirements of digitalization, automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The sensor technology can be integrated into existing applications. Use in confined spaces or in mobile applications is also possible without any problems. The sensor retrofit is smart and simple.

Properties of the R+W Sensor App

With the R+W Sensor App, the measurement data can be displayed and recorded

  • Measured data can be displayed and recorded, and device settings can be configured via the R+W Sensor App
  • Clear display of all measured values with average and extreme values
  • Chart view with time dependent X-Y graphs
  • Up to four connected couplings at one time
  • Recording function for all values with CSV export
  • Information and settings for the Intelligent Coupling and R+W Gateway

Operating principle

The sensor system can be integrated into your drive system as a wireless measuring unit. The principle is as simple as it is ingenious:

  • We measure torque, speed, temperature, accelerations in three axes and optionally also axial and lateral force. In this way, operating conditions and overloads can be precisely recorded.
  • R+W’s internal electronics process the data directly and transmit it simultaneously to a connected mobile device or via gateway directly to the machine control or to a PC.

Power Supply Options

Integrated power supply

  • Sensor power supply via integrated rechargeable battery
  • Charging time with magnetic plug 2 – 3 h
  • Depending on configuration, up to several thousand hours of operating time

Inductive Power Supply

  • Energy supply via induction through pick-up
  • Power supply of the pick-up by gateway or customer 12 V supply
  • Ideal for continuous measurements with high sampling rate

Energy Harvesting

  • Use of the existing rotational energy
  • Ideal for continuous measurements without the possibility of attaching / supplying a pick-up
  • Self-sufficient energy supply

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