Safety couplings – backlash-free, fast and repeatable

Of course, strength legends like Hercules would have lifted any load, but: one after the other, without any weakness, any trembling, precisely and above all safely? And all this independent of environmental influences? It is better to rely on the safety couplings from R + W. If they are on the crane, all loads are moved smoothly from A to B evenly, reliably and with repeat accuracy.

There is hardly an industrial sector in which medium to ultra-heavy loads do not have to be moved.
From steel to aircraft manufacturers, from shipyards to large components in construction – but also in any workshop where an engine or transmission needs to be replaced. You can’t do it without cranes. And you can’t have cranes without safety for loads and people.
But that’s where the backlash-free safety couplings from R + W come in. As the link between the hoist and the load, they are crucial in preventing expensive damage, especially in the event of an overload. Not to mention the danger to the people around it!

R+W For example, safety couplings separate the drive train in a flash if the permissible torque is exceeded, thus avoiding expensive repairs and downtime. At the same time, they operate with absolutely no backlash, are repeatable and guarantee a precise response time and time again..
R+W offers the safety couplings in a wide range of power ratings – for example, in the SK, SL and ES series in a range from 0.1 to 2800 Nm and in the ST series from 200 to an impressive 1,000,000 Nm!
So there’s no performance requirement they can’t meet.
There are optional differences in the detent degrees of the SK series – for example, the abbreviation “W” (“angular synchronous”) stands for a re-engagement after removal of the overload of exactly 360° and is then immediately ready for use again. “D” means latching every 60° or (selectable) at 30°, 45°, 90°and 120°. At each subsequent ball recess is snapped – immediate readiness for operation is guaranteed. The abbreviation “F” stands for releasing – here the system is reset manually – all “large” industrial couplings of the ST series work with this. The last variant bears the abbreviation “G” for locked. “G” are optimal for use on presses and load lifting devices.

Incidentally, all R+W safety couplings are also particularly suitable for the modernization of older industrial plants in order to utilize and thus increase the maximum load-bearing capacity of building structures.
They are also very stable against high temperatures, work with the smallest tolerances and separate within 10 to 14 milliseconds! (Their blink lasts 300 to 400 ms.)

And if all this has now become a bit too technical: They operate maintenance-free, are ready to prevent or minimize overload damage under all circumstances – and thus keep the plant running permanently. Innovative and strongly made.