Produktbild der Präzisionskupplung Metallbalgkupplung BK1

Designed around optimal performance rather than short production times, manufacturing of high-quality ball-detent torque limiters requires careful planning.  Base bodies and disengaging output flanges are precision machined to size, match-drilled in special crosswise patterns to ensure zero backlash operation and highly repeatable disengagement torques, and then chemically hardened to provide long life while preserving the tight tolerance dimensions.  Once hardened, the machined base components are assembled around integral bearings and fitted with special disc springs which facilitate the rapid disengagement at overload.  Finally, the units are precisely calibrated to the intended disengagement torque level.  These are necessary steps for putting together the most compact and accurate types of torque limiters on the market, but they also add up to a typical delivery of several weeks from time the order is entered. 

As lead times become more critical than ever amidst a longer-term trend toward shorter times to market, R+W America has launched a new rapid assembly program, allowing its most popular torque limiter model to be delivered in just a few days.  Customers can now take advantage of the classic precision design in both single-position / automatic re-engagement, and full disengagement / manual re-engagement configurations without the wait.  The new expedite program covers the R+W SK1 size 15 to 1500 in all of the available adjustment ranges.

New SK1 with reduced lead time at a glance:

To take advantage of the new R+W torque limiter expedite program, check out the catalog page to make a selection.  Already have a part number?  Contact us to inquire about fast delivery!