When machine operating conditions include temperatures falling far below freezing, many components begin to reach their limits. Machine failure due to cold embrittlement of materials in places like industrial freezers, thermal chambers, and cold weather climates in general can result in extreme costs for operators, as processes grind to a halt and time-consuming repair work must be performed.

Produktbild der Präzisionskupplung Sicherheitskupplung SK2

The SK2 safety coupling from R+W Antriebselemente is constructed of a combination of hardened high carbon steel and highly elastic high grade stainless steel, allowing it to operate stably while withstanding temperatures ranging from -30° to +120° Celsius. These easy-to-install and torsionally stiff couplings operate with zero backlash and a low moment of inertia, representing minimal change to normal operating conditions once implemented.

Different overload disengagement behaviors are available, including single-position automatic re-engagement, multi-position automatic re-engagement, full disengage / manual re-engagement, and specialty versions with internal safety catches to limit free rotation after disengagement. The reaction time for all these types is 1-3 msec, making them faster than electronic means of torque overload detection, and ensuring optimum protection of the drive train.

The combination of high-quality materials and cleverly designed safety disengagement function enables the SK2 to ensure a smooth production process, even under extreme conditions like icy cold. The installation connection with two clamping hubs allows for easy mounting into confined spaces. Sizing for disengagement torque levels ranging from 0.1 to 1,800 Nm is available in standard configurations, with higher torques on request from an experienced staff of R+W coupling engineers.

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