Wörth am Main, March 2023 – In the machinery and plant engineering sector, ensuring reliability and performance is now at the forefront. Particularly, manufacturers of machine tools, automation systems, and general mechanical engineering have significantly increased their requirements for high-performance elastomer couplings recently.

Product image of the elastomer coupling series
The EK2 – Elastomer Coupling with Clamping Hub, possible from 6 – 2,150 Nm

To better meet the needs of their customers, R+W has expanded its product portfolio. Effective immediately, new sizes of the EK series in the 400 and 600 series are available, ensuring the highest flexibility and precision in a wide range of applications. This expansion of the range not only offers a more diverse selection but also allows for more flexible adaptation to individual applications and the optimal representation of torque values.

With the vibration-damping elastomer couplings, R+W offers the right coupling solution for a wide variety of applications. Depending on the model and elastomer rim design, torques of up to 25,000 Nm are possible. Depending on the application and series, the customer can choose between elastomer rims of different hardness levels. These so called Shore hardnesses range from 80 ShA to 64 ShD, offering the user a good compromise between necessary damping behavior and required torsional stiffness. Moreover, they can be acquired in all common connection forms such as clamping hubs, keyway connections, or cone clamping elements.

The new sizes are not only characterized by the proven quality of R+W but are also compatible with the drive elements already available on the market. The versatile elastomer couplings guarantee precise torque transmission and also have a vibration-damping effect. These properties significantly contribute to increasing accuracy and quality in the respective applications. Furthermore, they are characterized by exceptional robustness and resistance to extreme operating conditions. As a result, they achieve a long service life and significantly minimize maintenance effort.

For more information and technical data on the new sizes of the elastomer couplings from R+W, please visit here.