Linear drives


During the finishing process for steel and aluminum sheet, a continuous band is fed into the machine at a constant rate. Due to variable output rates in upstream processes the sheet needs to be specially handled in order to maintain a continuous flow.

For this reason, a 15 meter high band storage tower, which consists of a fixed roll block and multiple adjustable roll blocks, is used. The adjustable roll blocks can be moved up or down as needed, in order to adjust the length of material being stored. The material band passes though these rolls in the form of a loop, so that the portable rolls can store over 300 meters of material. Screw jacks are used for the vertical adjustment of the roll blocks, and a torsionally rigid R+W line shaft precisely links the screw jacks with zero backlash. The weight of the 3 meter long intermediate drive shaft tubing is supported internally from the hubs, eliminating the need for external support bearings, saving space and assembly time.

R+W  Solutions for Linear drives