Line Shaft with tapered conical sleeves

1,500 - 4,000 Nm


Specifications ZA

ZA series 1500 4000
Rated torque (Nm)TKN1500 4000
Overall length min. to max. (mm)A-2280 - 6000 280 - 6000
Outer diameter (bellows) (mm)B157 200
Fit length (mm)C61 80.5
Inner diameter possible from Ø to Ø H7 (mm)D1/235-70 40-100
Inner diameter possible from Ø to Ø H7 (inch)D1/21,500"-
Fastening screw 6x ISO 4017EM12 M16
Tighting torque of the mounting screw (Nm)E70 120
Length bellows body (mm)H98 103.5
Distance (mm)I82 84
Screw ISO 4762J10x M10 12x M12
Tighting torque of the assembly screw (Nm)J70 120
Outside diameter tube section (mm)K150 160
Bolt hole circle Ø (mm)L168 193
Outside diameter flange (mm)M184 213
Shaft average value (mm)N56 61
Rated torque: 1.500 - 4.000 Nm
After selecting overall length A, contact R+W for maximum speed.
CAD Portal 1500 4000
2D/3D Data 


  • Design:
    • with tapered conical sleeves and captive jack screws.
    • intermediate tube section supported by gimbals within the clamping hub.
    • lateral mounting and dismounting accomplished through the removal of the intermediate tube section.
  • Temperature range: -30° C to +120° C (-22° F to +212° F)
  • Backlash: Absolutely backlash-free due to frictional clamp connection.
  • Service life: These couplings have an infinite life and are maintenance-free if the technical ratings are not exceeded.
  • Tolerance: Shaft/hub connection 0.01 to 0.05 mm.
  • Material:
    • bellows made of flexible high grade stainless steel.
    • intermediate tube section: steel; optional composite CFK tube. Clamping hubs: steel.
  • Speeds: Depending on length A,
please contact R+W.
  • Properties of Line Shaft model ZA:
    • compensation for misalignment
    • backlash-free and torsionally rigid
    • able to span long distances
    • standard lengths up to 3 m (9.84 ft)
    • no intermediate bearing support required
    • intermediate tube removable for easy mounting