Torque Module


  • ST
  • Properties

    • Design: Two part assembly for installation into prefabricated coupling components.
part 1: Engagement receptacle

      • part 2: Module with self-contained, spring loaded plunger
      • the spring tension is adjustable in the field.
      • the set force is visible on the adjustment scale.
    • Temperature range: -30° C to +120° C (-22° F to +248° F)
    • Service life: Infinite life and maintenance free when operated within the technical specifications.
    • Tolerance: For mounting of the ST torque modules, an H7 bore tolerance is required.
    • Material: High-strength, nitro-carburized steel
    • Re-engagement: The modules are re-engaged by applying an axial force to the plunger when a synchronized angularity of the drive and driven side is present.