The equalizing element of the EK coupling is the elastomer insert. It transmits torque without backlash or vibration. The elastomer insert defines the characteristics of the entire drive system.

Backlash is eliminated by the press fit of the elastomer into the hubs. Through variation of the Shore hardness of the elastomer insert, the coupling system can be optimized for the ideal torsional characteristics.

Sizes 2 - 800



Sizes 2500 - 9500

The coupling includes 5x elastomer segments

Description of the elastomer types

* The electrical conductivity of the elastomer material is to prevent the electrostatic charging of the elastomer coupling system, to reduce the risk of sparking in operation. ATEX technical data is available upon request.

The values of the relative damping were determined at 10 Hz and +20 ̊ C.

Sizes EK