Shredder units


Without processing plants for crushed stone and gravel, many large construction sites cannot operate on schedule.

Jaw or impact crusher plants are facilities that break rock into crushed stone or gravel. The crushing ratio depends on the subsequent processing requirements. The output for large plants is several thousand tons of rock per hour. Machine downtime can be catastrophic and very costly for plants, and could significantly delay construction site operations.

Leading manufacturers therefore protect their indirect main drives with rugged, maintenance-free R+W safety couplings. V-belt pulleys with diameters greater than one meter are usually attached to safety couplings. These pulleys transfer force directly to the crusher shaft using the belts. The mechanical overload torque limiter protects the crusher within a matter of milliseconds in the event of an overload, thereby significantly reducing downtimes as well as follow-up costs.

R+W  Solutions for Shredder units