Medical robotics


Medical patient care is constantly facing upheaval due to the wide variety of symptoms and therapy options. This continuously presents new challenges, particularly for technical medical equipment and medical robots.

A multichannel compounder can load up to 20 syringes or intravenous drips simultaneously. Formulas are entered into a computer control system using a touchscreen. This software controls the pump systems, which automatically generate the composition of the required substances in accordance with the specified patient-specific formula.

Depending on the dosing requirements (discrete or continuous), only precision motors are used for this application. The drive motor provides a uniform axial path for the syringe plunger in order to draw the compound into the hollow body, e.g. the hollow needle, cannula or syringe.

When using a backlash-free and torsionally rigid R+W metal bellows coupling, the resulting mixture of the automated filling process is guaranteed to be accurate every single time.

R+W  Solutions for Medical robotics