Power supply


International shipyards are facing new challenges due to the construction of ever larger cruise liners. Amenities for passengers is the primary focus, which affects the recreational and entertainment value on board. Shopping malls, bars, special casinos and an auditorium may be found on several decks. To make these on-board amenities attractive, a wide variety of lighting is required, thus a separate and reliable power supply is needed that is not connected to the ship's primary power supply.

An on-board generator is connected to a converter in the ship's hull using a torsionally rigid and backlash-free R+W BX series metal bellows coupling. These couplings are ideal for these applications because of their ruggedness, maintenance-free properties and variable length of the intermediate tube. Moreover, the double flex design gives them the ability to handle significant shaft misalignment with minimal side loading on adjacent bearings, reducing friction and saving energy.

R+W  Solutions for Power supply