Marine propulsion


Modern ships, like ferries and tugboats, are now equipped with rudder propellers in the drive system. They are ideal for use in harbor basins as well as offshore locations.

Depending on the type of ship and its usage, the propellers operate in either the center or rear section of the ship's hull. To ensure that the latest ship building requirements are met, the rudder propellers should provide the ship with excellent maneuverability. This requirement can only be met by having the widest operating range possible around the propeller's own axis. Some state-of-the-art rudder propellers have an operating range of up to 360°.

Ships are a very high level investment, so all of the components should fulfill their purpose fully upon delivery. This also applies to the rudder propellers described above. R+W heavy-duty safety couplings are used in mobile test rigs to provide protection against damage. The coupling's TÜV certified +/- 5% precision makes it possible to fulfill the customers' exact test requirements. The durability and maintenance-free properties of these safety coupling are additional benefits.

R+W  Solutions for Marine propulsion