The bodyguards for cranes and loads

The bodyguards for cranes and loads

Safety couplings – backlash-free, fast, repeatable

Of course, strength legends like Hercules lifted every load, but: every single time, without any weakness, any shaking, precisely and above all safely? And all of this irrespective of environmental influences? The better bet is to rely on the safety couplings from R+W. Once they are on the crane, all loads are brought gently from A to B, reliably and repeatably.

There is hardly any industrial area where medium to extremely heavy loads do not have to be moved.
From steel to aircraft manufacturers, from shipyards to large components on building sites – but also in every workshop where a motor or transmission has to be replaced. This cannot be done without a crane. And cranes cannot be used without safety for loads and people. This is why the backlash-free safety couplings from R+W exist. They are decisive as the connector between lifting device and load, particularly to avoid expensive damage in the event of overloading. Not to speak of the danger to people nearby!

For example, R+W safety couplings separate the drive train in an instant in the event of the permissible torque being exceeded, thus preventing expensive repairs and downtimes. They operate completely free of backlash, repeatably and always guarantee recurrent, precise response behaviour. R+W provides safety couplings in all kinds of performance grades – for example, in the series SK, SL and ES in a range from 0.1 to 2800 Nm and in the ST series from 200 to an impressive 1,000,000 Nm!
In short, there is no performance requirement they are not equal to.
There are optional differences in the re-engagement degrees of the SK series: The abbreviation "W" ("Winkelsynchron" – angle synchronous) stands for a re-engagement after overload of exactly 360°. After this, it is immediately ready for deployment again. "D" ("durchrastend" = multi position engagement) means engaging every 60° or (selectable) at 30°, 45°, and 120°. Ratcheting occurs at every succeeding spherical recess – immediate operational readiness is guaranteed. The abbreviation "F" ("freischaltend" = disengaging) means the system is reset manually – all of the "big" industrial couplings of the ST series operate with it. The last version has the abbreviation "G" ("gesperrt" = blocked). "G" systems are ideal for use in presses and lifting devices.

Moreover, all R+W safety couplings are also especially suitable for modernising older industrial installations in order exploit and thereby increase the load-bearing capacity of building structures.

In addition, they are very resistant to high temperatures, work with minimal tolerances and separate within 10 to 14 milliseconds! (Your blinking takes 300 to 400 ms.)

And for anyone for whom this has all become too technical: they work maintenance-free, are ready under all circumstances, prevent or minimise overloads – and in this way keep operations running. Innovative and made strong.

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