Precision is the driving force

Precision is the driving force

The SCL disc pack coupling series for servo drives

Whether industrial robots, automation systems, packaging or tool machines – the SCL servo disc pack couplings shift the performance parameters in couplings for servo drives another big notch upwards.

In several areas they make the application even more flexible, dynamic, absolutely misalignment-proof and precise. Why? Because we can.

The requirement was unswerving positional accuracy in every operating state, whether frequent starting and stopping is involved or in reverse. And this is just how the SCL series from R+W developed.

The aluminium hubs mean extremely low weight – this in turn results in a very low moment of inertia. The discs themselves consist of high tensile spring steel with high performance density – they are attached with high tensile screws that transfer the torque absolutely backlash-free using frictional resistance. With a double gimbal, the disc pack coupling precisely compensates for both angular and axial as well as lateral shaft misalignment.

All of this in combination with the low moment of inertia holds enormous potential precisely for dynamic positioning and feeding operations. And provides designers with additional room for manoeuvre and flexibility in their own developments. The fact that disc pack couplings are also still extremely torsionally rigid, boast torques from 25 to 100 Nm and are insensitive against caustic chemicals or high temperatures should make the decision easy. Designed for permanent operation across the entire service life of the system, quite a few industrial robots should be asking themselves whether they should take a further step in the direction of the future with the SCL.

Particularly since it can also be dyed according to the customer's preference using anodic oxidation. It could not be better – and not more flexible either.

Let's talk about the almost unlimited options of servo disc pack couplings. We're looking forward to it.