High time for high flyers

High time for high flyers

High-tech couplings for aerospace

When the countdown is running or the pilot in the wide-body jet chooses the wrong approach angle for the start, only one thing still counts for all systems and components: functioning just like the development engineers and project managers intended from the start. Every single time – under whatever conditions – without even the tiniest divergence. And there is a lot more too…

As compact as possible, every gram counts, and able to cope with every load with the utmost precision under the most extreme conditions. These are the requirements of the aerospace industry when it comes to safety couplings. Absolute reliability, spatial economy, the lowest possible consumption (never mind how low the weight: it has to be moved) of fuel, precision, stability and durability – and a great many more individual requirements can be found in the specifications.

For example, a manufacturer of aircraft and aviation equipment was looking for a safety coupling for an intelligent lifting device of mobile cabins for transport and service work. The requirements: Depending on the aircraft type, the disengagement torque had to be between 40 and 135 Nm with a total length of 30 mm and a total weight of just 200 g – after all, it had to be integrated in a very cramped space in a scissor lift.

Naturally, R+W was able to help – a safety coupling from the SLP 30 series was adjusted to the other customer requirements. Thanks to overload protection in a sealed design and as a result protected against liquid media and dirt, in addition deployable in every weather, it can defy the most challenging external conditions and influences. But how did we achieve this? The SL model series, developed in cooperation with universities, consists of materials with a unique coating that achieve a weight reduction of up to 60% compared to the standard series. The SLP 30 series also has a torque restriction of up to 135 Nm and a moment of inertia of 0.1 x 10-3 kgm²! And almost as a side note, it reacts in the millisecond range due to the special interlocking of its base body and mounting flange!

It is this permanent precision performance that distinguishes each of the five models currently on offer in the Torqlight lightweight series. For indirect and direct drive – on the one hand with clamping ring or keyway mounting, on the other with clamping hub and shaft misalignment compensation. The fact that you can determine a re-engagement angle of 360° or also over 30°, 45° and 90° depending on requirements and select torques of 10 Nm to 700 Nm depending on the series (30, 60, 150 and 300), should really allow you to meet every conceivable requirement.

Irrespective of your current aerospace ambitions: R+W's safety couplings will provide very light, reliable, space-saving and sophisticated support.

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