Beaufort alone does not determine performance

Beaufort alone does not determine performance

Couplings ideal for the requirements of wind turbines

All kinds of requirements are posed on wind turbines and the couplings for rotors and generator nacelles needed for their operation. What counts above all is the constant, optimal rotational speed of the rotor blades as the basis for maximum efficiency under all conditions. For example, this means that the sensor-controlled turning and incline of the blades in exactly the right position under all load conditions.

Consequently, R+W equipped the systems in an offshore wind park with backlash and maintenance-free, torsionally rigid metal bellows couplings. In addition to secure torque transmission, they guarantee precise positioning at all times. On top of this, a high repeatability can be expected under all conditions. This is because in the offshore area enormous temperature fluctuations, aggressive saline air, high swells and other environmental influences have to be allowed for – which explains the enormous temperature deployment range of -40 degrees up to +100 degrees Celsius.

A customised version of the R+W precision metal bellows coupling BK2/150 defies even the toughest conditions and thanks to special surface coating is designed for a very long, corrosion-protected service life. To achieve this, it almost completely compensates all axial, angular and lateral shaft misalignments thanks to the torsionally rigid metal bellows made of highly elastic stainless steel.

Peak torques of up to 840 kN are absorbed effortlessly and in the event of a torque overload, e.g. caused by a crash, the drive and output sides are immediately separated – consequently, both mechanical damage as well as drawn-out repair time, i.e. downtime, are avoided. In order to also protect the generator in the nacelle against torque overloads, R+W provides the perfect solution with the ST1 of the 160 series, featuring a preset range of 50 – 110 KNm.

Irrespective of the wind direction, R+W has the ideal corresponding offer for every conceivable requirement of your wind turbine – and for us every individual custom solution that has to be developed is a special challenge.

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