Flexible gear couplings from R+W can be used in various applications in a wide variety of industries.  The model BZ1 is connected by standard keyway, with slip fit or interference fit.  The high precision gearing allows for a large contact surface, resulting in high torsional stiffness.  This style of coupling can compensate for relatively large levels of shaft misalignment without imposing reaction loads on the adjacent shaft bearings.  In the case of the BZ1, the special shape of the gear teeth ensures optimum lubrication, even with very low levels of shaft offset, some of which is required in gear couplings, in order to adequately spread the lubricant throughout the coupling.  In addition to its gear tooth shape, the BZ1 is distinguished from other gear couplings by its high power density, occupying a smaller space envelope per torque rating than most.  The R+W model BZ1 is available in 12 sizes, corresponding to torque ratings from 1300 to 348000 Nm, axial shaft misalignment from 3 to 10mm, and general angular misalignment ratings up to 1.5°.  All components are also burnished for corrosion protection.


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